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RecycleGO offers greater value for your recycling operations with a streamlined, convenient suite of services that’s better for your business⏤and our planet. We help you leverage advanced data insights and innovative technologies to provide business-specific solutions for your operations. Our software brings you key data through easy-to-use interfaces to help you take your recycling operations to the next level.

Premium Service

We make recycling our sole mission and focus, so that we can fully devote our resources to providing the most innovative, streamlined service. Premium means you can increase performance while reducing costs.

Innovative Technologies

We’re integrating our innovative technologies throughout our premium process, starting with our Carter Performance Management system, which gives you instant access to superior asset and fleet management, data reporting and insights, resources, and support.

On Demand Pickups

Schedule a pickup when and how you want them.
Simple, direct and convenient.

All-in-One Recycling Solution

From paper to e-waste, RecycleGO's unique all-in-one recycling solution for all your essential recyclable materials. One pick up does it all.

Only RecycleGO offers guaranteed location-based service and a level of accountability that empowers you to achieve superior compliance with city recycling regulations while making a more profound impact on the environment.

Jan GerardsFounder, Chief Technology and Strategy Officer

A Mission-Driven Ethos

We’re experts who genuinely care about recycling and the environment. We’re deeply concerned about reversing the damage to our earth, and have designed our recycling services to encourage and support your efforts to protect and preserve our environment.

Deep Experience

Stan Chen, co-founder and president of RecycleGO, is a second generation recycler. He also leads a successful, specialized recycling business that his family has run for over 30 years.

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