The quality of RecycleGO’s premium service is matched only by our passionate commitment to the environment.

About RecycleGO


The inspired vision of a man whose roots in recycling and dedication to sustaining the environment go back 30 years, RecycleGO isn’t a faceless company driven solely by a quest for profit.


We’re concerned professionals— united and driven by a mission of sustainability— who have developed an innovative new way to recycle better. It’s easy on you, and better for the Earth.

Are you an environmentally conscious business that wants to benefit your company as well as the Earth?


Are you interesting in leveraging new technologies and business models that will significantly improve the ease and efficiency of your recycling effort and increase your sustainability impact?

Join us in our effort to save our planet

“Pollution is nothing but the resources we are not harvesting. We allow them to disperse because we’ve been ignorant of their value.”

R. Buckminster Fuller

The quality of RecycleGO’s premium service is matched only by our passionate commitment to the environment.

The RecycleGO Story


For over 30 years, Stan Chen’s family business has been a leader in the recycling realm, growing from a small company specializing in scrap metal materials to an international player in the industry.


Throughout his childhood, and again as an adult at the helm of the company, Stan witnessed ever-increasing quantities of waste never reaching a Materials Recovery Center (MRF) to be recycled–he saw that poor service options and inefficiencies in the collection of recyclable materials hindered many companies’ efforts to recycle.

As the effects of climate change and damage to the environment became more devastating and real, Stan’s lifelong concern for the environment inspired him to create a new company, one that would encourage the recycling of a wide array of essential waste materials, and make it easier for Business Owners to do so.

He envisioned a company with an authentic, sustainable mission that could benefit the Earth by helping businesses recycle more, while offering premium service and value.

Inspired by the belief that people and companies truly do want to take action for the environment, and with the help of carefully chosen experts who share his mission to make a greater sustainable impact on the Earth through a new kind of recycling company, Stan Chen founded RecycleGO in 2016.

Our Mission

RecycleGO’s mission is to provide a forward-thinking, streamlined recycling service that mutually benefits business and the environment. From pickup to processing, we strive to empower environmentally conscious building owners and managers to easily and effectively recycle more waste materials than ever before.

Through real-time data, customized plans, innovative technologies, and premium value and service, we will work with businesses to make it easier for them to increase the amount of waste they recycle, and reduce the quantity of Earth-damaging waste going to landfills until it reaches a level close to zero.

Until that goal is reached, out of deep concern for our planet, we will inspire and enable businesses to recycle more, and will continue to harness the most innovative technologies in service to our clients and the Earth.

The quality of RecycleGO’s premium service is matched only by our passionate commitment to the environment.


Stan Chen

Founder and President

Stan Chen is an entrepreneurial, tech-savvy, and socially conscious leader. Driven by his desire to make an impact on the environment, and inspired to bring new innovation to the relatively tech-dormant recycling industry in order to do so, Stan founded RecycleGO in 2016.

He also founded United Metal Exports in 2007, which he has grown to be a multi-million dollar company today. As head of RecycleGO, Stan draws extensively on the end-to-end relationships and deep experience he has gained as an industry leader.

He earned a Bachelor of Medical Science from Boston University, and studied Information Technology at the Harvard University Graduate School of Arts and Science, in addition to other post graduate study. When he’s not thinking about revolutionizing the recycling process, Stan can be found on ski slopes or in the kitchen playing with his molecular gastronomy kits.

Jan Gerards

Founder and Chief Technology Officer

Jan brings to RecycleGO a deep background in project management, software system architecture design, and business consulting for enterprise-level software implementations.

He has worked with a range of Fortune 1000 companies, including Accenture and Deloitte, to design flexible, scalable software solutions for complex business problems.

Jan is driven by the belief that RecycleGO is optimally positioned at the critical ``last mile`` of what can become a closed-loop system for the recycling industry—and the economy. He’s committed to harnessing technology to create systems that catalyze new societal behaviors that can engender a truly sustainable future.

When he’s not thinking about RecycleGO’s innovative technologies, Jan snowboards, travels to festivals around the world, and indulges his interests in philosophy, psychology and artificial intelligence. Jan earned a BS in Information Systems from Colorado State.

Advanced solutions for every stage in the recycling value chain.

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RecycleGO offers simple, yet comprehensive, technology for all your hauling needs. We’re adaptable. Our technical algorithm can conform to different platforms. We’re scalable. We license our base technology to small and large businesses.

Optimize your process and your impact

Whether you are a hauler, dispatch or facility, your current paper work order process is taking too much time and ultimately costing you money. Our Carter Performance Management System can simplify your business practices and bring your company into the 21st century. That’s great news for you and your employees. Efficient Carting also means better diversion rates, which is great for the Earth.

Confident compliance. Trusted service.

We give Haulers and Dispatch the tools they need to be more efficient: 

Routing Efficiency

Instant Pick-Up Confirmation

Driver/Dispatch Messaging Center

GPS Container Tracking System

Automatic Invoicing and Payment System

Administration from Tablet or Desktop

Upcoming services

Our Blockchain technology is for everyone. From the consumer to the hauler and throughout the recycling value chain, we want to share an accurate story of our stuff. The data collected will provide businesses with valuable metrics for their supply chain, identify areas of weakness to be remedied and incentivize them to recycle more. The possibilities are endless, however it all ends up with the same two outcomes… SAVING MONEY AND INCREASING SUSTAINABILITY.

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